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Our goal is to develop the culture of consumption of steaks in Ukraine. While most of the civilized world has already tasted all the delights of this cuisine – we are far behind in all respects. Quality steaks and burgers are mostly too expensive for the average consumer, and cheap steaks are more often of dubious quality. From our point of view, breaking the deadlock is about creating a democratic steakhouse, where the guest pays not for the marketing / pathos / bloated staff / design, but only for the taste!
We offer the “Take with you” service, pre-order of food by phone, table reservations, Cork Fee (uncork your alcohol for 100 UAH / bottle).
At the moment, we do not offer any promos / discounts, because we are running an honest business. Each meal costs exactly as much as it costs – we are not going to put deliberately inflated prices so that we can reduce them later at the expense of discounts.
Unfortunately, both steaks and burgers are extremely fastidious dishes. We have not yet found a way to deliver them without harming their taste. From our point of view – the lack of delivery is better than the presence of unstable / doubtful.
We have 5 5-seater tables, 3 2-seater tables and a bar for 7 seats.
Just call us at 0443399232 or email us using the feedback form (we will contact you).
It all depends on the situation. If you don’t like something when you are in our establishment, we advise you to contact the staff immediately. If for some reason, we did not get the food roasted right, we will roast it more or replace it. If you have any questions, when you ordered take out – immediately let us know, specify the receipt number and describe the problem – we will try to handle the situation and fix it.
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